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Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising

Simply stated: You can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. When you purchase a
franchise, you’re purchasing the franchise system’s established business model—this includes
their well-known brand, marketing expertise, software to help you run things efficiently, training,
their established supply chain and much more. The franchisor assists the franchisee with all
aspects of the business. They’ve seen the challenges that might develop in their industry and
know how to properly deal with them. You can use other franchisees as mentors—those who
came before you in other markets have probably dealt with every issue that comes your way.
Franchisors provide intensive initial training and assistance to insure a successful launch. In
addition, lenders look more favorably on a proven franchise concept.

Each week, we invest hours of research so you don’t have to. We spend hours on
webinars, reviewing Franchise Documents, and speaking with dozens of Development
Directors to learn everything I can about the franchise systems available to you. We’ve
developed years of expertise and knowledge about hundreds of franchises. We’ve
already vetted them so you can feel confident you’re only looking at reputable,
successful concepts. We assist you in selecting the franchises that are the best fit for
your needs and goals. The bottom line: we save you time and money, all at no cost to



Our fees are covered by the franchisor, so our services are free to you.

I can help you understand how to fund your business and can refer you to several
funding sources that only fund franchises.

The majority of franchisees have no prior expertise in the field. They chose the franchise
for a variety of reasons including the lifestyle it provides them, passion for the concept
and the turnkey nature of the franchise.
Franchisors provide in-depth training and in reality– most franchisors prefer that their
franchisees concentrate on operating their businesses rather than completing the
actual work that their concepts necessitate. Franchisors want individuals who are

capable of motivating personnel, producing revenue, and operating day-to-day
operations as efficiently as possible.



When it comes to awarding franchises, franchisors are quite selective. As a result, it is in our best interests, as well as yours, to only present you franchises that are a good fit for you.

This one is nearly entirely dependent on you. If you are motivated, you may finish our consulting process in a few of days. Most clients may find a wonderful match for them within a month or two after we propose suggestions. It might take anything from 2 weeks to 6 months for your actual business to start for business after you’ve chosen the perfect one for you.